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I have heard the same stories with all sorts of new plug designs. Remember tons of people reporting all kinds of advantages running Autolite plugs in oilheads? It just wasn't so. Still isn't!

Tracking one hp gains is more complicted than swapping plugs for another run. Oil temps and engine temps need to be duplicated not to mention tire temps and traction and that's just the tip of the iceberg. All that takes time and equipment that most for one reason or another don't have. It's hard enough on an engine dyno, let alone wheel dyno's.
I ran the Autolite plugs in my R1100r and they did work better with that engine than the stock plug. It got rid of the surging that the R1100 series was noted for. There are many posts with information on the benefits of this plug in those engines. It never was about hp gains etc, just drive ability issues. I'm not an engineer so I can't explain why or how, but they did affect ( to the better ) the running of the R1100 engine.
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