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Originally Posted by Off the grid View Post
Your bike sucks, and is the laughingstock of the off-road community for over a decade now.
Off the grid, you prove you can be snide, condescending, and dismissive; can you not also be ACCURATE?

"Over a decade" appears an imprecise approximation of 26 years of fundamentally unchanged KLR650 production.

Try, "over a GENERATION," when next you bash KLR650's, upgrading your screed with a unit of time more exactly corresponding to the interval you wish to portray!

Can you not grant KLR650's even their just credit for actual time served as, "laughingstock of the off-road community?" Surely, someone of your obvious intellect and sophistication distinguishes between "decade," and "generation." If not, ask a KLR650 rider to explain for you the difference.

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