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Originally Posted by Baja Designs View Post
Hey Cyborg

So much of racing comes down to personal preference, changing generations, and technological advancements. I personally am not a racer, but like you, a huge fan of the Squadron and other BD LED lights that throw more than enough light for me as well as a color temperature that is very comfortable/natural for the human eye. Although I am not a racer, Baja Designs is very much a racer generated company; our owner and head engineer has raced motorcycles all the way to class 1 race cars in Baja and many other locations. We pride ourselves on the fact that we test and aim lights for all of our race teams and try to assist and educate all of our customers with the same information. Baja Designs is not only a racer and enthusiast company, but as many of you know we are an engineering based company. It has taken countless years of research & development to ensure that LED lighting is actually race worthy and safe for users. Two or Three years ago this was only a dream and we would agree that LED lighting would have been a, "boutique add-on"; you would out run the light and it didnít throw enough distance to be main forward lighting. Color temperature plays a huge role in the functionality of any light, in some cases the wrong color temp can lead to driver/rider fatigue and basically would be unsafe for racers. We have found through testing in the harshest conditions, environments, and terrain possible that 5000k (kelvin) is visually receptive to most human eyes. After countless scientific tests of the Kelvin scale it has been found that it accurately resembles the sun at noon on a perfect day (no weather conditions). LED technology like many other technologies is advancing and continuing to become more efficient, but the color temperatures of LEDs has and will continue to be accurate to the Kelvin Color temperature scale. Overall, we at Baja Designs would never let anyone, enthusiast or racer alike use a light if we didn't believe it was not only safe, but would give a competitive advantage. The Squadron and OnX have shown the amazing possibilities of LED technology, the Squadron was used by many Factory teams at the Baja 1000 during dusk and the OnX was used by many including Factory KTM as the first all LED motorcycle race set-up landing them second place behind JCR Honda. LED lighting is the future and it is already here with testimonials from around the world, it is an exciting time with the release of the OnX, it is the first time the distance of an HID has been achieved with the spread of an LED. Please forgive me if this was too much or in any way repetitive, this is something we are passionate about and love the opportunity to speak openly with enthusiasts. So, we at BD would have to respectfully disagree with that statement and ask those racers to please call us for testing :). Thank you for the information and question, you always have great ones cyborg! As always we will continue to create as much educational material as possible to be passed along and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Thanks for the excellent response Mike!

I'll use that to spank those guys next time I see them.
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