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Originally Posted by Off the grid View Post
KLR riders making fun of KTMs is the epitome of hilarity. Give it a rest, guys. Your bike sucks, and is the laughingstock of the off-road community for over a decade now.

Reading Striking Vikings book, (who rode a KLR down and around South America) I was amazed by how many times he mentioned he had no brakes on a downhill, no power to go through a headwind or pass South American vehicles, and grenaded his engine, electronics and suspension multiple times. Not to mention the shitty suspension thrashed his back.

"Indestructible" KLR.

Sorry, this shit is just too good not to quote at least one more time.

Originally Posted by Mikef5000 View Post
I'm not missing the point, I'm missing your point... because I think it's flawed.

But I love this (quoted) part...

KLR is the best selling Dual Purpose bike for what... 7 years now? Which I stated a bit earlier, but you ignored because it goes against everything you're trying say. Not a single KTM is even on the list of 10 best selling Dual Purpose Bikes in the USA.

But somehow almost everyone rides KTM's.

Perhaps you mean in the race world everyone rides KTM's... but then again someone just tried to educate me on how KTM's aren't high strung race machines.

Well shit, now I'm confused again.

And Good for you elsalvadorklr for trying to keep the peace. I agree with you 100%.
Just because a lot of people buy them doesn't make them good. I ran into a group of guys, some on KLR's, at the intersection of HWY1 and the paved road that goes out to Santa Rosalillita in Baja Norte. They had just taken the dirt ROAD that came down from Puertocitos and one of their bikes had been dropped and broken off a footpeg, another had a blown shock, the XR650L in the group seemed alright.

I had just ridden the pacfic coastal road to Bahia Corbin which was mostly gnarly two track and silt beds from Catavina out to the coast and then down before coming back in, about 170 miles of rough terrain. The only carnage to my KTM 640 was a slight oil leak on account of a cheap o-ring sealing the rocker shaft to the rocker cover. I first noticed it around Kelso CA as I had ridden from PHX AZ to Pismo Beach CA, where I changed my oil and cleaned my air filter. I then rode all the way to that intersection and then back to Tucson criss crossing the peninsula and riding more gnarly dirt before my next oil change and checking my valves which hadn't moved since before the trip started. I finally replaced that o-ring about 8 months later when I got tired of cleaning off the side of the jug. That was the extent of the mechanical failures of my fragile race bike KTM during my time owning it. and it wasn't for a lack of dropping the bike, I did plenty of that.

Any one who says modern KTM's are fragile and pure race bikes clearly knows nothing about them and are easily identifiable to anyone who has. KLR's sell a ton because they are affordable and fill a do-it-all-good-enough niche, there ain't anything wrong with that. If you can meet all your needs with a KLR then it doesn't make sense to pay for more bike, but it doesn't make any sense to knock on the manufacture of the most bad ass dependable dual sports on the planet.
I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure

No bike does everything perfectly. In fact, no bike does anything until someone gets on it to ride.

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