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Originally Posted by Skidmarkart View Post
My brakes are well, kinda sucky. They are also noisy (lots of squeaks and grinds as I stop). The stopping power is acceptable, but not breathtaking.

I have a couple of questions - first, is it possible my pads are worn-out in only 1000 miles? I haven't had bikes in about 15 years, but I don't seem to remember them wearing out that fast (of course that was a lot of cheeseburgers ago so I am heavier now).

If so, does anyone have recs on a set of pads? I don't really want to replace rotors etc, as they seem to be fine.

TIA for any info.
When you say "worn out in 1000 miles" do you mean the pads were new, or the bike is new?

I wore out a set of pads on my bike and put in a replacement set and they felt terrible. No stopping power at all, until about 500 miles later when they had fully bedded in, and now they feel great. If your rotor is not new, then any replacement pad might feel weak for a while.

I think that's why you're cautioned to not brake hard for a while after replacing pads. You have to try to ease them into service...
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