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Originally Posted by CBRider View Post
I've never ridden a bike with a sidecar, but have a growing interest in getting one soon. Been riding motorcycles since the early 1970s. I'm thinking about a Ural, primarily because they have a reverse gear. I don't want to start another debate over the reliability or maintenance requirements of a Ural, there are plenty of threads here on that subject. I can handle working on my own bike.

What I am not sure of is how important 2 wheel drive is. I'll be riding a lot of small county roads, many will be dirt/gravel, but not real steep or rocky. Also I will occasionally head out to the Big Bend area. I think a reverse gear is important, but how about 2 wheel drive? Will I regret getting a hack with single drive?

Any input is appreciated...
But if it is steep an rocky a 1-wheel dirve might get you there...

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