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I really enjoyed walking around Tikal. They are doing a nice job restoring the place. Here is an unrestored wall:

And you see how they are less cubist and more into rectangular with a horizontality. Here is a restored facade. It mimics the style of the original work:

Of course no limestone temple would have faces and edges this crisp after 1500 years in the jungle. But unlike most of the temples at Chichen Itza they let you walk around the temples and see the back side to get an idea of what they started with:

and the side they are currently working on:

and they have pictures of what they started with:

And what they've created:

Here is a picture of the restoration crew sitting on the base staircase they are restoring:

Nice work. The further you hike out in the jungle the less restoration work they have done. They are starting on the base and top of temple IV. This pyramid is huge. Here is the base they are starting:

This is the only pyramid they let you climb. On this staircase. Built to code. 7 inch rise 11 inch run so it has to zig-zag back and forth up the unrestored face with trees growing out of it up to the top:

Once on top they have built the top with reinforced concrete lintels over the doorways and begun building stairs down from the top. This is looking straight down from the top. Really steep, seems like a straight dropoff into the abyss when you're standing at the top:

This gal from Israel was striking a pose at the top of temple IV for her boyfriend to photo:

Then her friend got in on the act. That's an almost straight drop off two feet over. I wish I was that flexible. You don't see this kind of stuff in Nebraska much:

Nice view from the top of temple IV looking out towards III and V sticking out of the jungle:

I visited the restoration area behind temple IV where they are making stair stones:

and slaking lime in pits to mix with sand to use as mortar to approximate the original:

I thought this temple was interesting. They started the staircase at the top and seem to have taken too steep of an angle and had to go around the base rock by the time they got to the bottom:

Anyway, I won't bore you with more pics of ruins. I took a pile. But i think they are doing a really good job of restoration and thoroughly enjoyed my time at Tikal. Highly recommended.

I headed down for some lunch after wandering around for hours all over Tikal. Guaterider posted that I should go check out more ruins up the way. I am uploading those pictures and will be back in a moment with more afternoon explorations. And let me tell you, it was an adventure. My thanks to Julio for providing me with a great afternoon of sliding around on muddy roads and getting lost in the jungle on single track looking for ruins. It doesn't get any better than that in my little world.

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