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Originally Posted by Mr. Cob View Post
Howdy EvilCLown,

Thanks for the videos,

Yes your video shows how one wheel drive can go pretty darn good, WHEN your moving and have momentum working for you.

However if for whatever reason you had to get started half way up such hilly or slippery terrain even if you could get moving again in one wheel drive you would find it MUCH easier to do with two wheel drive.

And thats the other thing folks seem to be over looking when it comes to the use of two wheel drive, used within the design envelope of the machine its a heck of a lot easier on the machine and the rider to use two wheel drive to over come some obstacles then it is to ride these same terrain elements if done in one wheel drive.
No argument from me. Just answering the original questions and did mention in my replies that with a Ural - 1 or 2 wheel drive - momentum is your friend.

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