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I'll try a bit less oil in the next tank.

As for voltage drop, I rode it to work today (about 10 miles round trip, through town) and it seems to be dropping a cylinder at low RPM, but it's not always the left side. When cold starting, it will only start on 1 cylinder (again, sometimes left, sometimes right), and any throttle input will kill it immediately. Once she idles on 1 cylinder for about 60 seconds, she's just warm enough to take some throttle. Once above (guessing) 1500-ish rpm, the second cylinder will kick in and she runs well. A bit rich I believe (top end isn't what it should be) but runs pretty good between 2k and, say, 4500-5k

Methinks I'll do the carbs again and make sure no other "shit" has moved inside the passages, then work from there.

Thanks for the help guys, keep any other ideas coming.
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