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Ah, typical forum bullshit.. Large groups of people in one place filling in blanks about what they think they know about an individual based on absolutely no information whatsoever. Even worse when they tend to be brand loyal because that makes them blind. Not a single one of you knows a thing about my integrity nor my qualifications and achievements yet I am full of shit. Well, there's actually a few here who know me. Also, some of you have made up your own facts about the circumstances involved. Hate to tell you that you are wrong in your assumptions, but you are.

But like I said, typical forum bullshit for certain people who apparently think that if you have more posts than another person on a forum you are somehow more qualified to give an opinion on certain things and have more credibility. Members with 5000 posts might be considered to be knowledgeable on a given subject. Members with 10000+ posts may be experts. Hmmm, the more posts, the more you know.

Yes, I did get my tires changed at the Toy Box in St. Johns. Yes, they sell BMWs. Oh, the horror!!! Someone heard right. But did you also hear that I pulled the torque specs out of the service manual for the guys to go by? Probably not. Yes, the service manual was on my laptop the whole trip so that even a non-Guzzi shop could help out on the road if needed. It's not rocket science, installing a wheel. Holy shit, they even put the tire on in the correct direction!!! Who'd have thunk someone who works on BMWs could do such a thing.

Did I ride the bike like a dirt bike and abuse it? Nah. I rode it like I would a GS, Super Ten, Tiger Exp or even a Multi. Dirt and gravel roads shouldn't be a big deal. Done that on HDs, Buells, Kawasaki race reps even. Did I not maintain it? It was a 2 month old bike. MPH did the first service. I did an oil change in N. Sydney, NS the afternoon before boarding the ferry. Simple stuff. Did you also know I had to tighten up the whole rear of the bike when I bought it? It turns out the rear subframe, upper shock mount and side luggage mounts were loosely assembled during the build but not fully tightened. Figured that one out the first ride. Downloaded the service manual and set to work torqueing everything to spec. No more floppy rear end.

People that know me, know that I'm not just a mechanical engineer of 20 years but one that started his own motorcycle performance part business and did well for 3 years until I got tired of not sleeping. All stemming from wanting parts for my race bikes that no one else made. I wasn't doing it for the money from the start and had no intention of doing something bigger than for my own personal needs. But I did build stuff for lots of people over the 3 years. They also know I was pretty successful at land speed racing, ok at road racing and less so at enduros due to there being plenty of people much faster than me and building the bikes I rode for their purpose. Not to mention, in my spare time, I maintain and repair bikes for quite a lot of people I know. Saves them money, work is done right and the guys get to hang out doing what guys need to do away from the wives...let loose.

Bikes aren't rocket science and you don't need 10000 posts on Advrider to be an expert on them. Internet searching and posting on forums is no substitute for real world experience.

The Guzzi, ahem, IMO, is the most unrefined bike I've ever ridden and it simply wasn't up to the task of a dirt and gravel road. BTW, the pinch bolts were torqued to the proper spec. Also, the break was a clean fracture on the left side at the bottom where the dropout and lower stanchion tube cylindrical feature fillet together and some tearing then deformation on the right side as a result of having to bear the load. Simply put, the part had a fatal flaw.

As for the luggage, they bounced off the buttons. The only thing holding them on is the locking mechanism. Unfortunately, you can rip them off with with your hands even locked on. The top case came off with the mounting plate. Can't stand those crappy finger plates that clamp around the square tubing back there. Poor design.

They could've done a better job. Don't give me that crap about Piaggio owning them meaning something. It means nothing. Guzzi does their own thing design wise. Beinig under the Piaggio umbrella doesn't automatically mean Guzzi is privy to all technology developed by Piaggio or Aprilia. The only thing it means is that Piaggio wants to streamline Guzzi operations to make them efficient, profitable and opens up the supplier chain and global market place for growth potential. They still have to design their own products.

To the brand loyalists: Get out and actually put some miles on something other than a Guzzi and you'll see just how unrefined they are. I tried it. I've been on better. Even 20 years ago.
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