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Originally Posted by pyoungbl View Post
I guess it's possible to make a bike that is totally beyond what one could do to screw it up, then you could bitch about the weight or the fact that the factory service manual was not included as part of the ECU. Let's call a spade a spade: someone grossly overtorqued the pinch bolts and caused this wreck. They must have gone well beyond what is reasonable since none of the other NTX's have had this problem. I never said 'fantastic design' but since it's the same design that is used on hundreds of other bikes it must not be too shabby. If you are putting a tube in your NTX tire, while on the side of the road, you are doing something wrong .... it's a tubeless tire. As for the 600 pounds, nope, the NTX comes in at about 616 and that's almost exactly what the benchmark GSA weighs with similar equipment. As for the torque wrench comment, common sense should be part of ownership of a motorcycle. This sport has its own inherent dangers. If you screw up the machinery there could be life threatening consequences. This is a good example of those consequences. Maybe you and your buddy need to reconsider your choice of sports, croquet might be a better choice.
Did you know the difference between Guzzi and BMW specs is only 0.6 lbs-ft? My professional engineering opinion is that if an extra 0.5 lbs-ft over ideal specification is all it takes to break something, the factor of safety is grossly underrated.

I'm also guessing you've never heard of a single person putting a tube inside a tire on a tubeless wheel before. A punctured carcass with a hole too large to patch is a good example of needing a tube to get you home. Lots of people have been doing this for years when necessary.

Torque wrench... why make the assumption torque wrenches aren't being used? Do you have factual evidence that one wasn't used? I guarantee you don't. I was hanging out with the guys doing the work and saw everything. They used one and they used the Guzzi specs from the service manual.

I guess you have no equal when it comes to all things mechanical. How dare anyone other than you attempt to do something and even think they can do it properly. God forbid someone who works on BMWs attempt to work on a Guzzi. If it was a Yamaha tech, I'd hate to think what might have happened the minute the bike left the parking lot.
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