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had an '09 KLR and got raped when I sold it a year later. learned the hard way that trying to farkle a bike into what i needed from the get go rarely works. i've heard it mentioned that KLR's are what you might consider "disposable" and boy did that ring true when I sold it.

got the tenere this spring after my rude awakening/learning experience with the KLR. love it. easy maintenance and a rock solid machine all the way around. a big thing for me being in iowa is that it takes me nearly 3 hours for any decent riding. 3 hours on the KLR was "meh" at best, i had a full ricor suspension + all the farkles you could imagine, but it still was a 35hp thumper with basic, old technology all the way around no matter what you did to it.

the tenere is a beast...what was once a mundane 3 hour trip to good riding was now something i looked forward to.

so i guess if there's anything to take away from your thread, if you're looking for a brief intro back into it, look for a dumb SOB like me who has a KLR for sale all farkled out for you to get back in the saddle with. then sell it down the road when you want more for a minimal loss (and you probably will want more). then buy a tenere...
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