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I crossed into Honduras today. I'm in San Lorenzo about 100k from the Nicaraguan border. It was hard to leave my friends in El Tunco. Wilson was styaing because he lives there of course but Steph and I had to move on. I thought a lot about that poor girl in the heat today. I don't know how she does it. I couldn't. I was roasted on my moto.

Steph is already talking about making a bike trip across Canada in a couple years. I hope she does and drops in to see us in Shediac.

I crossed into Honduras, I had two "helpers" they tried to rip me off. They inflated the price for the permit and even had a fake receipt. I knew what the price should be thanks to this website and I told them to make the price right. They soon did as I walked into the Aduana (Customs) office and demanded to know the price.They quickly dropped the price for $95 to $38.

In the end I was through there in about two hours. Not bad for a border that has a terrible reputation. I'm in San Lorenzo, ready to hit another border early tomorrow and make some miles. I still have 1400kms to go to Panama and want to be there on the 6th.

At El Tunco Steph and I went for a walk one morning looking for a place called Sharkeys. Did we ever get lost. We started down the highway, took a couple back lanes realized we had been walking in circles when we passed a store twice, aftre buying a pop there the first time. After a hour and 15 minutes I saw a bar through the trees, thinking it was Sharkeys I was disappointed to find out it was a bar we had been at before about 5 minutes from where we started walking.

We went out to the beach.

Steph had no shoes on. She walked on these big rocks and they were burning her feet. It was HOT!

She got a thorn in her foot at one point. OUCH!

Then we got off the beach and came to this beautiful house.

Check out the view!

The owner, I forget his name, mercifully gave us a drink of water. We were roasted. We had asked several people, previously for directiosn which of course we only half understood. This guy was very nice and gave us English directions.

With his help we finally found Sharkeys after a two hour walk. We met a young couple there that gave us direction back to El Tunco and it took us 7 minutes. I don't have a clue where we went wrong!!! I was so tiered I never even took a picture of Sharkeys and we never even stopped for a drink there.

Here is a picture of Chris one of the other two inmates we met.

He and Steph talked about routing and their trips

I thought I had a picture of Boris, the other rider but I don't seem to have one.

My bike today at the Honduras border

I don't know what I was thinking when I posted the other day I was about to turn over 35000k on the KLR. It actually happened today. I was so tired the other day what I was actually turning over was 34499

Cute kid

local character in Tunco

Wilson's Neighbors who were really nice

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