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Originally Posted by Owlseye View Post
Thanks very much to Birtles and his impressive crew; I enjoyed your saga body and soul. A bit misty eyed when it all came to an end, but I'll get a grip and wait 'til his next adventure.
I was alarmed enough with Birtles encounters with the Bull Koalas, and thankful that Grimpeur was there to guard. In your last chapter there was talk of a "rouge" koala, and now I'm worried that there are giant pink koalas dropping from trees throughout the downunder.

Keep well Birtles, and in the immortal words of Neil Young "Long may you run"

Hi Owlseye,

Thanks for your interest. There is the possibility of another (smaller) Birtles adventure in Australia
next year - everyone says Tasmania is unmissable ... and who am I to argue with them?
Before that, maybe a tour on home ground, New Zealand.

Good spot - the "rouge koala" was meant to be a "rogue koala" (the worst kind,especially when
hungry or deprived of television) but the old dyslexia interfered with the letter order. Have corrected
the spelling to avoid misleading anyone as, of course, there are no rouge koalas left after the last
epidemic of koala influenza - the pink ones seemed to have no resistance to that dreadful disease.

"Long May You Run" - sad song, but always like Neil Young, takes me back. It's good advice for Birtles.
And for me, I'll be trying to live up to this one from Bob - "may you stay forever young".

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