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Originally Posted by Chisenhallw View Post
I gotta ride out west.

Interested to know what tires you had on the Connie and your opinion, given that you saw such a variation in riding conditions. Take care. Glad you're still riding.
BT 023 Radial on the front. Avon Azaro Radial on the rear. Long story on how that came about.
Both tires now with almost 5,000 miles on them and look like they have plenty of life left. Both had significant flat spots when I returned from my trip but they went away after a few passes up and down my favorite canyons, where I rode just a little faster than my comfort level. No problem with grip.
When I replace the tires I'll try to match them but, YMMV. To mix or not mix tires seems almost equal to the oil argument. Can you mix radial with bias ply, can you mix brands, etc. - no end to those arguments.
And the 16" rear on the Connie really narrows choices in a sporty touring tire.
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