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The next desitination is Titus Canyon. I have never been there before and everyone who goes to death valley talks about it. You have to ride out of the park into Nevada to get to the start of the road to the canyon. It's an easy ride through a nice area of the desert.

I am carrying a 2 gallon Rotopax can on the back of my DR350. I have been messing with the plumbing for my gas tank and have not checked the range since putting a pumper carb on the bike. One of my goals for the day was to run out of fuel and then run out the reserve. At this point I had about 60 miles on the odometer.

The road to Titus Canyon was easy and well graded. A careful rider could do it on a street bike. The scenery started out plain but got better as we got closer to the canyon.

Before long I came to Leadfield.

Leadfield was a mining boom town that grew based on false advertising. All that is left are a few shcks and foundations.

I walked across the wash to the town site. This corugated steel roofing was widely used in desert mining towns. Tin Roofing and piles of tin cans in washes are common at old ghost town sites and old mining camps.

Inside, not much is left.

A small shed beside the larger structure.

There were some foundations, mines, and a couple shacks nearby.

I didn't linger long since I wanted to get back to Panamint SPrings for the Thanksgiving Dinner. After a few minutes I got back on the road heading to Titus Canyon.

I had a helmet camera going in Titus Canyon but it was not set up right and ended up filming video at 45 degress off the horizon. The video file is mostly useless but I scavanged a few frames to post. I should have stopped to take still pics.

Overtook several rental jeeps.

I stopped and chatted with a hiker who walked in about a mile from the mouth of the canyon. Titus Canyon is a one way road from Nevada to the the mouth of the canyon in Death Valley. It looks like most visitors park at the mouth of the canyon in the valley and walk in a few feet then get back in their car. This hiker was the only person on foot that I saw that was not within 50 feet of their car.

You don't have to walk far to get away from the holiday crowd at Death Valley.
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