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I wandered around this lost city out in the jungle for a while. You could see that it was surrounded by mounds that used to be something manmade with a few stones sticking out here and there:

And someone had mixed up some lime mortar on this tarp to stabilize the stairs at some point in time:

Pretty trippy place. Eventually I rode back and took the left hand path:

And ended up here:

And by golly there really were a bunch of rainbow gathering of the tribes people out here. They had serapes laid out with peace pipes in a big circle and were camping out here in the middle of the jungle. Big ceremonial fire of some sort. Lawn chairs in a circle like a Quaker meeting on acid. They didn't want me taking pictures of their little layout. I can respect that. But you can get an idea from this photo looking across the acropolis to the far temple:

Anyway it is a cool set of ruins. Here's the astronomical observatory:

Lots of original stone work with faded carved designs:

Somebody had done some work to the upper observatory but this staircase looked original:

Loved this pyramid with what looked like huge carved stone jaguar heads. You can't see them too well in this picture but they are 8 feet tall and quite imposing. I can picture them covered in plaster and painted up. Must have looked fierce back in the day:

And this huge jaguar head on the backside with what looks like a tooth necklace. You can see the slitted cat's eyes staring through the centuries of time. I like it.

I was crimping the rainbow stylers, so I fired up the bike and headed back down the road. It was raining on the way back so you can imagine what it was like. I felt lucky to be alive by the time I got back to Tikal.

I decided to pack up my tent when the guy told me it was 50 quetzals to camp at the palapa. I'd rather spend 50 more and live in the lap of luxury back in Santa Elena at the Classico Peten. Besides I need a shower.

I dropped by Los Amigos on the way into town over in Flores and found out that 4 people want to trek up to El Mirador the day after tomorrow. With Carlos the guy with the good vibe. So I told him I'm in. I will check back tomorrow. I asked him if I could get by for 250 and he said mas o menos (more or less). That is Guatemalan for 280. Still it should be interesting. I will report back what I find.

I spent 325 quetzals today or about $42.25 for food, gas, lodging and the 20 dollar Tikal entrance fee.

Buenos noches mi amigos,
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