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1. And fwiw, the vibes go way down as you put the miles on this bike.

I've never owned a bike that had a engine that self balanced itself the more miles i put on.

heh....i never said it self-balanced, i said the engine got smoother as the miles pile on. Every new bike i've purchased in recent years has done this. Modern engines are very tight when new, and as a result transmit a lot of vibes into the chassis. Over time the engine loosens up, and vibes go down.

2. Again, nonsense. Most if not all of the owners other than you rightly claim it's the slickest shifting gearbox of the lot. I owned a bmw r12gs, and that was by far the clunkiest gearbox i've ever experienced, and many other bmw owners concur.

Pick any model bike you want, chance are that out of 6 of the same model you'll feel one is smoother or rougher than another. I won't deny that sometimes you get a good one, sometimes you get a bad one. Me, mine was not a good one.

3. The suspension functions much better than the stock suspension on my gs (mind you i'm talking about the shock itself, not the telelever/paralever design!). By 20k relatively easy miles, my gs shocks were shot. I let the new owner deal with it.

I was ok with the shock. The sf fork seemed flexxy and uncontrolled to me. I tried working it out and never felt confident in it. As each side is only damped in one direction, that atrributed to the flexxy feel. Not the first bike, i've felt that on.

4. Windscreen. Totally subjective. You want bad? Try the stock screen on the ducati mts12. Everyone has their own likes/dislikes about screens. You should have just gotten a different one. Lots to choose from.

I took it off completely and liked it better. I planned on cutting it down to just above the top 2 retention screws when i got back. It truly was deafening in stock form.

5. We agree! Love the lights, liked the lights on my norge more though.

6. Agreed! They suck. Tip over at a standstill and they're toast. That's why i don't use them offroad. I have wolfman expedition dry bags and the little ring adapters to adapt them to the sw motech mounts. Much more durable, completely waterproof, and i already had them as i use them w/ my "real" dirt bike.

7. I have the opposite experience, and you're the first owner i've heard mention that. My bmw gs wheels leaked constantly. Every 2-3 days i was having to add air. This was consistent through 3 sets of tires. My weekly ritual on my gs was to check the oil and air daily, and top each up as needed. It got old quick. So far the ntx wheels/tires have been no different from any other cast-wheeled bike i've owned and only need tending to every 2-3 weeks (and i haven't added a drop of oil ).

By design, the spokes on a gs are outside the rim. The only way air can get out is a bad bead seat or a leaky valve stem. Air can get past the spokes on a stelvio.

Yep, I know that, but damn if BMW could get their wheels to seal. Originally they intended to have a TPM system fitted on the 12GS as an option but they couldn't offer it because they couldn't get it to work (leaky wheels). Meanwhile, the Guzzi wheels have the spokes going through the rims, but mine don't leak. Go figure.....

8. Adjust the suspension for "spirited" riding and this won't happen. My gs suspension was so soft that even with max preload it would still plow and wallow when pushed hard. The difference with the gs was i couldn't make any other adjustments to it. On the guzzi, i can. The only solution on the gs was to go to $$$ adjustable shocks.

I had 2 settings pre-planned for the trip. Loaded and comfortable for the interstates and loaded and spirited for the trans-lab and the like. A whole day of like roads at home base were used to determine these settings. I switched the settings at red bay where the crappy roads started. The setting was pretty good for 350 miles or 20 miles west of the split to happy valley/goose bay.

As for any other bike i get a hold of, they always get a suspension workover or replacement if it is available. I'm picky about good control and it's worth it.

9. The brakes are at least as good as those on my gs, and certainly better than my ducati. Not sure what the beef is here, and again, i haven't heard other owners complaining about them.

My '99 gs did not have abs, but my '04 r1100sa did. It would only "let go" once in a panic brake. I would get 3 out of the goose. Never needed to panic brake for real. Only did it to test it and become accustomed to how the goose reacted so i'd know what i was dealing with when the time came. Normal circumstances, ok, brakes were fine.

10. "lost 3 bags", "subframe loosened up"???? If you're going to treat the big gal like a dirt bike and don't mind the nuts and bolts, i'm not sure what you expected to happen. Sorry, but this sounds like negligence by the operator vs. Some fatal flaw with the motorcycle. Any time you go pounding a bike offroad you have to stay on top of the preventative maintenance or suffer the consequences.

2 months old, already tightened the rear of the bike up once and to spec. Should have been fine. I'm not a negligent owner. I'm actually fanatical about maintenance. Doesn't mean i wash it though...unless i'm digging into the internals and i don't want road crap falling inside.

The rear frame being loose from the factory is just bizarre. I've never heard of such a thing, from ANY manufacturer.

On the top box, the picture you showed was the top plate and top box missing. Not sheared bolts or broken metal, but a missing top plate. On my Givi top box/mounting plate on my Stelvio, it's held on w/ 4 bolts (that I installed with red loctite). If that mounting plate comes off, it's because it got torn off.

Most of your issues seem to be subjective and the failures seem self-inflicted. Breaking the lower fork casting in the pinch area is a well known result of over-torqued pinch bolts. And now you want to sue mg for it. Good luck with that. I'm all for having a discussion about a bike's strengths and it's weaknesses, but that's not what i see in your post.

The only thing self inflicted is riding in a spirited manner. I never took it to erzberg. Also, i have a lawyer who is "interested". I haven't given a "good to go". But it is a possibility depending on what tandy engineering comes up with. I did my initial study. Tandy is the expert at these situations. That's what they do. If they find that the part is truly at fault, i'll proceed to recover damages. I'm not taking anyone for all they have. Not my style.

The only cause for the failure you describe, that I've read about, is over-torqued pinch bolts. If your failure analysis experts have found something new, then I think we all want to hear about it. Sure, it could be a 1:1,000,000 casting defect, etc., but any time someone has reported cracking in that area, it has been 100% consistent with a recent tire/wheel change. Coincidence? Hmmmm. It will be very interesting to hear what Tandy have to say.

I seriously do wish you well, and a speedy recovery. Getting hurt sucks, and we're all thankful your crash wasn't fatal, which it certainly could have been. But coming on here and bashing the stelvio like you have isn't going to get you anywhere.

Not trying to "get anywhere", i only stated my experiences and opinions based on quite a few other bikes i've owned and i usually keep 4 around at any given time. Hopefully you don't believe that only positive reviews should be posted.

Absolutely not! I take the good with the bad, and honestly learn more from the bad than the rest. I'm not a Guzzi fan-boy, or wave any other brand flags either. It's just that your comments seem so far out of line with my personal experience with 2 Guzzis and dozens of other bikes (vibrates worse than a Harley??? Come on, have you really ridden a rigid-mount Harley??? Holy paint-shaker batman! ) along with the impressions of owners on this board and 2 others (wildguzzi and guzzitech) that they stand out. Of course anyone can post what ever they want (within reason..... ). That's actually the beauty of these forums....different views. But when 100 owners say "feature A is great" and one owner says "feature A sucks arse", it tends to make folks go , and then start yelling .

Somewhere in the middle of the good and the bad will be a baseline for ownership. It's up to readers to take good and bad reviews and make their own decisions.

You own (or owned?) one of the best model gs's ever made. In my experience with my 12gs (and many other owners share this experience), it is not like your old 1100 (or the 1150 that followed it). Those older gs's were the real deal and while they had some issues, overall they were damn well built and rugged as hell. The newer ones, sadly, are not (i hope that changes with the new '13s). Best of luck finding your next bike.

I had a dream of finding an new in crate 1150 gs and buying it for next to nothing. Admittedly, i'm not seeing the bike i desire on the market right now. Some are close to my needs but not quite there. I'm not opposed to doing some work to get it there. I always have. Time will tell.

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