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X1Glider - sorry to hear of your crash. It certainly sounds like you did everything right and your analysis of the accident seems reasonable and thorough. Unfortunately, any manufactured part is potentially subject to flaws that might get missed in the QA process. It sounds like you had a perfect storm of failures on your bike.

A forensic engineer should be able to figure out the sequence of the failure. You doing the legwork to figure out what went wrong can only help everyone here. No one wants one of our inmates here to get hurt or killed by a similar failure. Please ignore the kool-aid drinkers and keep us informed of your findings. Maybe you should start a new thread about your accident. If nothing else, it will bring it to the attention of Piaggio and Marzocchi.

I really like the NTX, and would like to hear that it is durable. The reality is that bikes are being built less and less solidly as the manufacturers try to keep the weight down. I rented a Tiger XC a couple of months ago and was shocked by the crap panniers. They would be fine on a road bike but were totally unsuitable for off road use.

The 1150 GSA is a tank - sometimes that's a good thing, but sometimes not. I love mine but it is a lot of work chasing my friend's MS1200 on a twisty road.

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