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Finished the swingarm mounts tonight. Second one went much faster. Also made up the spacer for the center of the swingarm.

You can see how much I need to make up for the chain to align. It's about 0.52" I'll get 0.125" from the sprocket spacer and I might be able to get some more haven't checked

Almost done with the stem, threw some forks on just to see what's what

Steering radius isn't great but tolerable. I might see what it looks like with a radiator before I start scalloping out the frame to increase.

Contact points I'd have to clearance

Ordered a new radiator should be here soon.

Need to drill and tap the stem for the top bolt and then bring it over to a buddies for a pressin'

Got a 3/4" drill chuck so I can finishing drilling my spacers to 17mm and then I can start cutting the frame and getting the new shock mount drawn up. Plan to have this waterjet cut and I will weld it together and then to the frame.
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