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here's a pic of the wife inspecting my spoke work on the rear wheel before i sent it off to Woody's...

she was unimpressed;)

got some stuff done Saturday night, kind of...

I figured it would be best to practice some fiberglassing on something that doesn't have to be pretty, so I tried making a new tool tray (my old one doesn't fit with the replacement subframe). This is my second attempt.

I guess it didn't turn out too badly for my first ever fiberglass project. definitely solid.

I sanded it up a bit Sunday morning

still not great. I actually began a third attempt Sunday before deciding that i thoroughly HATE fiberglass. This poses a serious problem for my plan to glass a rear cowling...

tonight I started messing around with a seat pan. i took this ugly devil:

and started modifying it. It doesn't fit on the shorter subframe

so i started cutting and riveted the pieces back together

then i did something against my better judgement - i busted the fiberglass back out to try to tie the 2 pieces together securely and bridge the joint:

This has convinced me not only am i a glutton for punishment, but am also stupid, and solidified my deep, deep hatred for fiberglass. I'm going to talk to my buddy, Spinner tomorrow about an aluminum seat pan and cowling...

to end on a happy note, here's a pic of my new speedo and gen light mounted and electrified:)

my wheels should be back from Woody's tomorrow too:) Maybe I'll have a roller by the weekend...

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
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