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Originally Posted by Montauk View Post
Agree there. My max range is around 170 miles, and after riding for two hours (120 miles), its time for break. I end up filling 'cause ill never make it to the next break if I don't fill up. When done filling and recoding mileage, my riding buddies are already finished their break. It's not fun when you have to rush every thing and every time.

It would be nice to stop and not worry about gas fill ups.
Bigger tank=freedom to take that longer, lonlier road. When I went through Wyoming the 8 gallon tank and great mileage on my RT allowed me lot of that. At altitude the RT does over 55mpg so I didn't start to get worried about running on fumes until the 380 mile mark. I didn't plan on that, it's just not all the gas stations that show up on the GPS out west are still in business. Big tanks rock.
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