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Question How much current can a electronic module handle???

In the cafe build I am doing I was looking at going COP using ford modular motor coils, specifically these: Which have a .66 ohm primary resistance

I read here that 1981 on coils were 6V wired in series with .7 ohms primary resistance

Using ohms law 2 stock coils @ 12V with .7 Ohms primary resistance each, wired in series, yields an 8.7143 amp load

while the aftermarket DIS coils @12V with .66 Ohms primary resistance each, wired in series, yields a 9.09091 amp load

A 0.37661 amp difference, would any electronic guys care to chime in? I know transistors can have severely reduced service life with even just a little more load then they are supposed to have. Now I am not going cross country on this thing, but I do not want to have to keep a spare ignition module under the seat either (this is not a early 90 GM I am building)
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