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Originally Posted by novaboy View Post
Hey Dwight,

Glad to hear you're over your bad day, and things are looking up. Enjoy the warm temps, it was -13 in YSJ this morning with a cold north wind.

I am thoroughly enjoying this RR, and really admire what you are doing. Takes a lot of guts to take off and head into unknown countries not knowing the language so far from home by yourself.

Enjoy the adventure, and thanks again for taking us along. If you find yourself in a bind and need some cash send me a note, be more than happy to help out. I'll know where to find you when you get home.
Thanks for tor reading. What a kind offer.

For me the language thing has been the toughest.

Last night for example I pulled into this motel and it has a restaurant. It never opened. Who knows why? It's too difficult to ask.

I walked to the closest store to try and get some yogurt and nuts etc for supper. No luck, they wouldn't take American money. I never changed any money at the border because Honduras is only 140kms long at this point and I had hoped to make it across before dark. I got stopped twice by the military and that slowed me down so I had to stop. In the end the hotel sold me three Corona nd a bottle of water, I paid for it with an American $20, which they were willing to take and I got some local change. I thought about going to the store but it was getting dark and the dude guarding the parking here has a shotgun. I decided to drink my Corona and worry about eating in the morning.
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