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Originally Posted by rocker59 View Post
Guzzi doesn't make the forks. Marzocchi does.

I have heard of a couple of failures on the earlier 50mm Marzocchi units. The failure is attributed to over-torquing. In one particular instance, PGA sent a replacement part.

X1Glider is the first I've heard of a failure on the 50mm unit. The fact that it happened after a dealership replaced a tire surely points to overtorquing, despite the claim that they had a manual for reference. We have no idea what kind of wrench was used, and if it was calibrated, and if it was even truly used.

Long-time multiple Guzzi owner (and former employee) here; I also have a couple of Caponords (Aprilia - now just another Piaggio 'brand') - which have the fat-ass Marzocchi forks - not sure if they're the same spec as those on the Stelvio.
I snapped an axle-pinch bolt by making a (small) mistake in calibrating my torque wrench - should have trusted my uncalibrated right arm. The bolt broke - not the fork-leg.
However, as far back as the early 1980s, Guzzi had a poor rep for snapping the axle-pinch section of the fork leg/slider if the bolts were over-tightened. Affected models were the Le Mans 2 (Yanks would call it a CX100), LM3, SP, SPNT, 850T4, Convert, G5, etc.
I reckon we replaced dozens without the customer ever even knowing, plus a few others where the customer did know.
Don't think we ever lost anyone in a crash, but it was an internally well-known issue, one we were keen to keep quiet. Interesting that the problem hasn't gone away.
Having had at least one Guzzi in the house every single day since 1977 (right now, we're down to 4), would I buy a Stelvio? No - because it's not different enough to what I already have, to justify spending upwards of $10,000 more, just to get a new badge on the tank. But then I won't be buying the sad 1200 Caponord either - just another sit-up-and-beg image-bike for old people, like the Mono-Strada.
Would I buy another GS? No - I refuse to pay money to act as BMW's Product Development dept and can no longer afford and am unwilling to pay their parts-prices - not when better, more affordable machines are offered by other manufacturers, such as Triumph and Yamaha.
However, if Guzzi built a 650 - 750cc V-twin shaft-driven ADV bike with a 21" front wheel and a 32 litre tank, we'd have two ... Ooops, they already did: 25 years ago, the NTX models: too bad they don't make them now!
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