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Originally Posted by Aventeren View Post
I've emailed my Banjercito contact to see if he would be okay with me going to the Mexican consulate in Costa Rica to have them somehow verify that I have the bike here--and that it was not sold in Mexico. I'll update everyone on how this strategy works out.

Given that I'm now going to be flying the bike home, it may be tough to go back through Mexico--unless I flew the bike from Argentina to Mexico City, which may be possible. We'll see.

Fingers and toes crossed.

Thanks for your help.
Relax, this isn't Midnight Express or Papillion.

Bad on you for not canceling the TVIP

Bad on you for thinking you could cancel it at a foreign consulate

The fly the bike home idea is ok, see below.

To cancel the bike's TVIP you and it will need to appear at a Mexico border aduana.

Simplest way to do that it is just ride it home through Mexico. Or, don't sell the bike and ride it to Mexico in e future. Just don't bring a different bike. In that scenario, no new TVIP for you Charlie.

You've already kissed your deposit goodbye as you know. It's only money. Concentrate on taking photos on this current trip. People aren't taking enough photos these days. I don't care about your TVIP, I want to see your photos.
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