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I mentioned just above about the guy guarding the motel having a shotgun. I'm sure most readers reading this ride report take their personal security pretty much for granted. People in Mexico and these Central American countries can't do that. If you come down here be very aware of your situation, don't ride at night and keep a low profile at night. It's an awesome ride and I have had some wonderful times and met many very kind and generous people but I want my readers to know it's not like riding around North America.

i read all these ride reports, your's is great!.... this is the first time i've actually seen someone say that the third world is not 'mr. roger's neighborhood', and that you better be careful.... somebody mentioned 'packin' in colebatch's thread, and we all got kicked off pronto.... not to get dark, but there's alotta clueless people, and the sharks and carnivores always look for an easy meal, you dig?.... but then again, i guess that's just darwin, and the lions gotta eat something, so.... i'd just rather it not be me.....
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