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I mentioned just above about the guy guarding the motel having a shotgun. I'm sure most readers reading this ride report take their personal security pretty much for granted. People in Mexico and these Central American countries can't do that. If you come down here be very aware of your situation, don't ride at night and keep a low profile at night. It's an awesome ride and I have had some wonderful times and met many very kind and generous people but I want my readers to know it's not like riding around North America.

Still loving the ride report. Keep the good stuff coming. Unfortunately your words of caution ring true just about anywhere nowadays. Heck I wouldnt walk around Orlando at night and there are plenty more cities that have the bad guys loving the fact that too many of us take our personal security for granted. The key is to be smart and be safe wherever you are, even at your neighborhood market. Sorry, but I just had to throw that in. I've heard so many people tell me I'm crazy for moving my family to Colombia. But unfortunately I couldn't find Mayberry before leaving the US.
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