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Thank you Scottco. and yes K N I am sure that the video will be up soon, Scott will ensure that it is. A crash or two that didn't involve him is something that he will not pass on!!

Now a few more pics that I got today from Kyle, also Hup has over 500 that he is sending John and I.
This is one of the Usual Suspects with their helmets at tech. A quick story about tech, we went on the 13th and man did I have a bad time at it. We walked down to get the helmets looked at and they were checking trucks so I asked if I could bring the bike and the guy was like ya man. I then asked if I needed any of the other stuff and he told me no. Now I have raced (only road raced) but still it is the same and I should have known that I should have brought everything with me but I didn't. So when I rolled in another guy starts asking me for the first aid kit, food and everything else. I told him that I would have to go and get it and that is when he lit into me. "What the hell do you think tech is man? Why the hell wouldn't you bring the stuff that you should have??" Now not saying that he wasn't right about it, he was but man that dude was being such a dick about everything. All he needed to say was hay man I am going to need to see everything. I would have got it and took off but he just wouldn't stop!! I was trying so hard not to just go off and bitch slap him!!! I was wrong got it man you don't need to talk to me like I am a peace of sh!t!!!! Then the dude that told me just to bring the bike stepped in and helped me out. He told the dude that I was good and I could just have everything at the start line. He also told the dude to let it go and he would vouch for me. One cool dude and one dick!!! I took off and got everything and went right back with it to the guy that was giving me a hard time. When I got to him he wouldn't even look at the stuff, just told me he didn't need to see it and I was good. WTF???? That was the only bad thing that happened to me with SCORE, everyone else was great to all of us.

going to tech

Allan after his stint, now it looks as if he spent some time napping in the silt but he tells us he didn't

Chris getting the bike from Allan

Chris taking off out of San Ignacio. About 10 min before this pic a quad went flying by, Russ turned to me and "that dude is going to roll it" 3 seconds later the guy hit the wall to the right of Chris in this pic. I don't know how he wasn't fu$%edup. But he got back on the quad with the help of some locals and took off.

Scott, John aka Turbo Donkey, and I at the finish

Scott and I
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