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Originally Posted by bobfab View Post
I believe 'Sir Eaton Hog' looked at this bike about 10 pages ago and didnt have the nicest things to say about it, primarily how it didnt warrant the price tag. Not trying to hurt feelings but i believe the posting oversells it!

over $1000 for a Trail 90!? whoa!
The RD400 I looked at a few months back was not this one, it was a complete POS and not worth anywhere near the money that was being asked.

This one, however is probably the one to buy. I know the bloke (Jim) who owns it, he is a perfectionist and pretty most everything on it will have been gone through and made right.

The one thing I don't get about the Daytona models is that they still have points ignition - in 1977, the RD400E and then the 400F has electronic ignition and better porting which made them a much better bike to ride.

If you bought this RD400 Daytona and looked after it, it is ulikely you would ever lose money on it and turn some heads at the same time.
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