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Hope this doesn't turn into a pissing match but I am glad to read X1's rebuke. Altho I do not agree that this bike is a pos, I still wonder what the Hell is going on at the factory. I totally believe X1's reporting of the loose rear end bolts because, even tho I didn't have that, mine came with crushed plastic front mount tabs on the side panels, broken screw clips for said panels, missing header to head exhaust gaskets, three out of four header lock washers missing, misaligned body panels, chewed up mounting holes on the cover over the fuel pump and the list goes on. I 've had Redline tell me someone has had the exhaust apart and didn't put it back together properly, causing exhaust leaks but the original purchase shop/ service guys swear they didn't touch it. So, who do you believe? Quality control on vacation?
I also know in the past I have purchased quality, brand name torque wrenches that don't work right right out of the box. I've also gone back to my old belief that is torquing smaller bolts can get you into trouble and good old fashioned hand fell is the way to go there.
Still love the bike but the jury is still out for me now weather she is a keeper.
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