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Got up around 9 had a pretty good nights sleep the lake area around here isnt that nice the road runs a few hundred metres from the pretty non descript lake shore with long grass and some sort of cane grass lining the lake and blocking any real view up and down the lake. The beaches around here dont look they are out of any top tourists manual so im guessing unless there is some nicer places further up the lake it might be ok but you are certainly not coming to this end of the lake to go hang on a nice sandy beach.

Headed off at 10 and hit the road it was pretty cold the bikes computer had it at 2.5 degrees celcius so just on the border line of being cold with all my gear on. I was wearing on my bottom half, two pairs of thermal tights one that Ev had left, jeans, the wet weather pants again Ev had left and then on top of all of that my wet weather pants so 5 layers down there so comfortable about the only down side to that is its so restrictive wouldnt want to be going off road wearing all this shit.

On my top I had two thermal tops on a t-shirt my sloppy joe jumper, the thermal lining of my motorcycle jacket the wet weather lining as well and to top that off I had my new black jacket and then my motorcycle jacket on ahahahah friggin pussy if you are going to ride in around zero degrees you might as well put everything you have on, in the end Im glad i did as not long after I got going to the temperature dropped to zero and it started to rain a little so was a little suss on the roads bit nothing I was cool with it just slowed me up a little which isnt a bad thing with the wind chill factor making it even colder.

Was thinking of going to Zagreb but had a look at the weather there before I left this morning and the cold weather is certainly coming in now so I thought im just going to get back to Ljubljana and wait till my new visa card arrived. I was hoping to go stay there and then come back over in a few days but a predicted low of -10 in a few days sort of puts that idea out the window, ill just head back to the hotel I know and sit it out then head south as quick as I can. Look the weather isnt to much of a deal I rode for 4 hours today back to Slovenia and was ok, as you would be wearing all that stuff but you sort of know you are one of the very few idiots out there on a motorbike in these conditions.

Arrived back in Ljubljana about 2 and just got in my room and warmed up a bit, ok I was a bit cold but nothing like me and Ev were a few weeks back in Munich. Went down the road to get some money out of the bank before the last day of my card expired and when I put it in it came up transaction denied retaining your card, fook me that sucks lucky I got a few hundred out the other day.

My new card should be here in the next week or so I jusr have to be a bit of a tightarse which isnt that hard.
Anyway was worth the ride up stayed in a pretty nice place with friendly locals. The 300 room castle there looks so out of place even today, I guess some king must of liked this part of the lake in the old days but maybe he could of built a few of the locals a joint too. The old town section is small more of a mall than a plaza like in most other places and small towns ive been too in Europe. I would of liked to stay a few days but with a blizzard due to hit on Saturday it was time to get out of here otherwise looking at the weather ill be stuck here for a week.

I was told to take take the Bala something turn off to get down to the lake, Ok I was listening but come on now your just taking the piss Obviously I just headed towards BalaOrgy lol

Local house down the road from the 300 room Palace, hard to imagine how out of place a palace must of looked like in the good ol days when it was built if this is some of the houses around it today.

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