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San Francisco, Ca. - Flagstaff, Az. (750+ miles, 13hs)
Today started at the break of dawn, on the beach in San Francisco. I watched the moon slowly sink towards the sea, and then I turned to the East and rode into the sunrise. What a great day. I stayed dry, got to get off the beaten path a couple of times in the desert, and I made it safely into Flagstaff. The moon was on the rise, in a sharp winter glow as I rode through the mountains finishing today's ride. It was a beautiful and fitting end to the day.

The familiar routes seemed different today. Its not just another weekend ride, this time I get to keep going East until I run out of America. I am super excited to be riding! This years goal is a three part deal.
#1 Motorcycle ride across America, 7,000 miles. I love it!
#2 Hug a Manatee. The Manatee is my power animal?
#3 Ride a ridiculous distance to see a Rock and Roll show. Hot Chip and Yeasayer will take me on a musical adventure to the Bahamas and Jamaica.

So that's the plan, well see how it goes. Ill take it one day at a time.
I am hoping to meet the good people of America face to face and in their back yards. I was amazed at the hospitality I was shown by the people of Mexico, never before has a nation of strangers offered me their hearts and homes in such a beautiful way.
I'm looking for the good side of America. Its out there, I just need to approach it in the right way. For instance, I learned in mexico you can generally walk up to someone in a small town, strike up a conversation and they will offer you a place to stay for the evening. Ive tried it a couple times here in the states and its a little different. In America, its better to e-mail first. Folks have been offering me places all over the U.S. I start tomorrow in Albuquerque. Terri B. and her 2 teen age sons are opening their home to me. They have invited me to dinner and offered a couch to sleep on and a hot shower and coffee for the morning. I love Americans, they're cool.

Coffee break, near Boron, Ca.
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