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My experience

Really sorry X1, you had the get off and I am thankful you didn't experience severe injury. I have an 09 Stelvio that I absolutely love. Yes, I do go out to my garage and just sit sometimes admiring this wonderful machine. I will say however that unless your bike (any bike) is not properly prepped before delivery you will have problems. My machine was not properly sorted when I purchased it. The prepping dealer will remain nameless. In 2010 I rode my Stelvio home the 180 miles from a Chicago freight depot, noticing within 45 miles my left boot was soaked with oil. Not much to do other than check the oil and find a remedy after I got home. It was a bad valve cover gasket overly tightened. I ended up hauling my machine up to Rosefarm Classics for repair. Jim was not the dealer I bought the bike from. He found valve cover bolts so over tightened the required drilling for removal, left cylinder head valve assembly was trashed by improper adjustment, over tightened valves, and numerous small issues which he found as he went over the bike. Interesting that he just marked the problems with scraps of masking tape so he wouldn't miss anything. (Many loose fasteners) It took two weeks to get everything repaired, the valve assembly being the largest problem. Piaggio did warrant everything. Pretty expensive repair on a new machine that was iimproperly set up before delivery. Just really piss poor initial service by a tech with a crowbar and crescent wrench machine. No problems since proper setup of my bike, zero; none of the issues you described, and I have ridden my bike off road some. I do concur with the above posts regarding the front wheel axle caps being "touchy" and fragile looking. About a year back I contacted Rosefarm Classics about my concern, and he said all of the failures he had seen where related to over torquing the bolts.

My two cents.
2009 Moto Guzzi Stelvio

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