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Originally Posted by levain View Post
Why the waterproof pockets esp. the one in the back? Considering your stance on waterproofing, it seems odd to purposely block air. They'd only be useful when using an inner liner. Seems the back one is only going to create a sweaty back

Just curious. Looks like a nice jacket
grrreat question!

Our stance on waterproofing is unchanged. Even the Navigator jacket, Power Shell & Air Shell have similar pockets. There is so much airflow in this jacket that a little area blocked by the pocket is not making that much of a difference. To ensure airflow is not being limited by much, we have included only one pocket on the chest. The size of the back pocket is not much more than the back protector - again so much airflow around it that it does not have an effect on the ability of the jacket to breathe. However - if you feel that you need more air flow - you can easily snip off the material inside the pocket. some folks have also told us that they fold up the pocket lining instead of snipping it off - so they still have the pocket when they need it. So you do have the versatility there - instead of not having the option at all - without restricting breathability.

So why is the pocket waterproof? Because regardless of how you choose your waterproofing layer, your belongings should stay protected. For e.g water can splash on you or you could be riding through a short shower without rain gear. Keeping your belongs out of the direct airflow protects them from the wind.

To quote WebBikeWorld:
"I'm really pleased that Teiz has chosen to make the pockets waterproof, even though the jacket itself is not. This way, if you’re caught in a brief shower without a rain suit, the contents of the pockets will stay dry. I have a custom ventilated jacket that uses waterproof liners and none of the jacket pockets are waterproof, so I have to keep small plastic bags readily available if I’m going to stow items in the outer pockets and the weather looks wet."

It was after a lot of thought, research, testing and feedback that we can went with this decision.
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