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Love the discussion. I have spend a great deal of research on this matter. I am not wanting to subject my daily rider to early burn out so I am keeping the airbox in place. What I have done so far is shaped 2 US license plates by hammering them and enclosing the current batter box. That allowed me to remove the side covers and to have a "custom" look. The "hammering" procedure was a workout and an experience in off self, one plate I did on concrete and the other on wood. It's different. When I change the rear subframe to a /5 short I will hang the battery underneath the seat in a custom box. It will be out of the way, it will be an open look, which will work well.

Bottom line for you will be "What do YOU like" and what you can afford. Making it yourself might be the cheapest way, but all the suggestions given to you will work and are different....even the one you don't like from Boxer Metal under the frame (BTW: I considered it, but was not willing to sacrifice the centerstand).

My brother runs a Lithium battery on his 2010 K 1200GT and he loves it... technology... is what it is.... compromise....
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