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Originally Posted by michael.brat View Post
Even in daily Los Angeles riding, people seem pretty aware; though I do my best to be seen. I always ride in front of the pack and am a bit of a hooligan as Jeremy would call it.

Only problem I had up until now was today. Guy pulled quick out of a parking lot into my lane; I was accelerating and a few lengths back so I just gave him a close pass to let him know I'm there. Then he comes flying up as 20+ over my speed and passes me partially on the center lane and half in mine. What the F?This got me heated. Caught up and words exchanged. I won't say what happened next... I'll just say my temper has not fully matured so I make mistakes once in a while.

What counts is I'm safe, and the guy didn't catch up.

Mike B

Someday, I hope to equip my bike with a ray gun with both kill and stun settings (maybe one that inflicts pain too). Hopefully, I don't have to use the kill very often

In California, our digital highway signs have been saying, "Motorcyclists, start seeing them." Kinda of a nice thing!
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