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Originally Posted by Stangman33 View Post
Just picked up a used Droid X2 to use as a dedicated GPS for the bike and backup phone should my Nexus decide to implode. Going to combine it with the Otterbox Defender case and a Ram finger mount. Anyone have experience with a similar setup?

Been using a Ram X Mount when the weather is good and a Ram AquaBox when it's not. Both with a Gen 1 Droid. Had great luck. Been offroading and never even had the phone slip in the mount . Probably the only downside to the X-mount would be that the phone is not protected from dust. Just upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, still fits the X-mount but is just a hair too big for the AuaBox that I have (it gets stuck in there, plus there's not enough room to hook up the power cord ).

Haven't had a chance to really use the App with the latest OS yet though, but I'm hoping to soon.
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