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I ran up sheep creek switch backs on my WR250R--------packed with camping and cooking gear---food for 4 days like it was nothing. I never even stopped--------it was a long climb as you guys remember------piece of cake for me and my WR250R------and the motor is stock------------my buddy was packed heavier than me and he had no problems either--------he probably weighs 250 lbs.--------me 200.

I ran up it a few days before you guys did.
Anyway--------peoples mileages vary on riding.

LOL's..... I'm not dissing the WR250R (see my prior post #61) has and will continue to serve me well (mine's been on the CDR, the TAT, UTBDR, the CAM, Idaho...etc.). In fact, the reason I bought it, was because of you!!! All I'm that for a guy with average skills, like myself, there are better choices of bikes for this particular trip/ride.
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