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Originally Posted by Casejeep View Post
While reading the directions for the 1.5gal Adventures fuel tank, you hook up on vent line to the tank and you plug up the other one. I have not personally see it myself, its just what i have heard.... but ill be installing the TT tank this month so ill be in the same boat soon enough.
They must be talking of the same line. Like plumming in the adv. tank in a break in the stock vent system. Like this....
Instead of the stock vent going into the stock tank..... The stock vent now goes into the adv. tank ....topside.... then bottom of the adv. tank vents into the stock. That way the stock tank vents through the adv. tank, and in to the stock vent system. Simple setup. You are essentially hacking the stock vent line.....Then inserting the adv. tank in said vent line. There are still only one vent. I am curious though...... If you had that vent blocked.... I am most certain that you would have a giant whoooooosh.....and possible fuel starvation issues, as the tank has to vent somehow.....

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