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Originally Posted by boxerkuh View Post
I am totally against it and I will not do it to my bikes... simple reason.... I periodically clean the aircleaner and the box itself and it is dirty.... I can't imagine exposing my engine to all that dirt with individual pods. I am a rounder and daily rider... I want the engine to last as long as possible and cut the life short by 50K or more... I am having to rebuild it anyway, but not more frequently... I don't have the bankroll for that... I know it looks better, but I am still an Airhead and will require function over form...
Yes, but as I said - this isn't my daily rider- or long hauler, it's a wknd spinner.

And to be honest, I don't see how my K&N (stock) airbox filter will be any cleaner an intake than a set of K&N pods.....

If someone can tell me why it's actually worse functionally I'm all ears. If it's a question of air volume comparisons, the carbs can be adjusted fairly easily to accommodate.
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