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Power has been out since last night so no internet. I was wondering why the ceiling fan was off this morning. I didn't remember turning it off. I went down to wander around outside. These boys were taking out the concrete slab next door with a 5 lb. sledge, chisel and prybar. I made the motion of a jackhammer and he smiled and said, "no hay":

It was Rolando and his brother Ramon next door building the church. They were putting the finishing touches on a low retaining wall. Nice work. Here is the church they are building.

Notice how the church architect didn't take into consideration the property lines when designing the flying wedge moderne angel wing on the right side. I asked what religio this was for since it didn't look Catholique. He said Nazarenas. I'll have to look that one up.

I went inside the hotel restaurant and had a hamburguesa con papas y coca:

20 quetzals plus 6 for the drink. Food is much cheaper in the countryside. Yesterday I had a meal just as filling for 10 quetzals and 5 for the coca. 4 empanadas for 5. I had two platefuls. She cooked them up as I waited. So it is better to fill up while you are riding through the rural areas.

After I finished my hamburger, I check on the boys outside. They had finished busting up the concrete and were tossing it in the 4wd Toyota to take somewhere. Hard workers.

I decided to get a long sleeved shirt for keeping the mosquitos at bay while hiking to El Mirador, so went shopping down the street for ropa (clothes). Specifically a camisa (shirt). Found a light green Banana Republic large long sleeve for 10 quetzals (1.30) from this place:

Was looking at the 100 quetzal shoe pile on the off chance they had a size 10. No way. Anything above an 8 or 9 is bigfoot in this country. Oh well, BMW motorcycle boots through the jungle for 40 or 50 miles it is then:

The hotel had no electricity, wifi, or water so I packed up and headed out. I went to get the Sherpa out of the parking down the street and they had blocked it off and were digging a 6 foot deep trench. I ended up riding under the backhoe arm to get out:

I rode over to the Los Amigos hostel and their electricity was out as well. Many of the backpackers had bailed and the place was really quiet. I talked to Carlos and he said there were 2 others interested and maybe 2 more. Hmmmm. I think that is Guatemalan for you will be waiting a few days my friend. If he doesn't come through by tomorrow, I'll ride up to Carmelita and camp at the trailhead and get up to El Mirador one way or another.

I was sitting out in the street watching women walk by on the cobblestone street in 6 inch stiletto heels and finally figured out how they do it. They walk on their tiptoes like ballerinas. The heels barely touch the ground. No wonder their calf muscles are so buff:

Since there hasn't been any power all day, all the banks, gas stations and cajero automaticos (ATMs) are closed. So I rode down the way through the Peten until I came to a town that had electricity. I think it's called Santa Ana. Anyway, went to a Cajero and withdrew 2000 quetzals to add to what I have for paying the hiking guides, got gas and dropped by this internet cafe to upload today's lesson.

You might not hear from me for a while. Time will tell. With me, no news is good news.

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