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RT to Naked or "S"- Any Regrets?

It seems several on this forum have lost the RT fairings. I would appreciate any feedback those of you who have done this can contribute. Still pleased with the decision? Any regrets?

I had plans to convert my 84 R80RT to an S style fairing but have had to put my plans on hold for a little while.
In the mean time I sit looking at the bike and waffling back and forth (usually several times a day) about what I want to do with it. With the exception of a couple of deer whistles on the fairing, the bike is completely stock down to the tool kit and air pump. It has been well maintained, everything works and its never been crashed in the 88K miles its been used. I have plans for future performance increases but for now I am just trying to decide whether to keep the RT fairing, go naked, or add an S type fairing. This is a second bike bought primarily for my son to ride on a recent visit. I had planned to sell the bike after our ride but have decided to keep it. Its my 3rd Airhead, having sold the last one (R100GS) about 4 years ago.

Most of the time my heart says lose the big-ass fairing. New steering head bearings and shocks really helped the handling but I would like to see how she feels without that weight. Other times I look at that RT fairing and think it is very well designed and I like the looks despite the badly faded paint. Although the fairing and windshield seems huge the frontal area actually looks smaller than my R1200GSA. The RT riding position is more conducive to keeping my aging body comfortable but I don't anticipate any long rides on this bike. If I go the naked route I guess I can use any bars that make me comfortable.

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