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because I can
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I tried the RT fairing when I got my '92 R100RT but I am too tall for one. Taking it off was like gaining 10hp. Big diff! I have had a modified RS/RT headlight mount on my bikes for decades now so that's what I did with my RT. /6 style ignition switch. Handle bar mounted windshield mounted on the frame via the headlight mount. IMO it deflects wind better than a S fairing, handles a LOT better than a S fairing, is much easier to work on and fine tune the front end than a S fairing, and looks better than a S fairing but that is just me. Plus it comes on and off in seconds. IMO the only thing I liked about the RT fairing was doing monster long wheelies. Once the air got underneath it, it just held the front end up for about as long as you wished.
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