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I tried searching the thread for ATK but not enough letters, so here goes.

Bike's a '99 605 that someone is looking to trade me. I'm wondering about cush drive options. It has Talon hubs and Excel A60's I believe, 2.15x18. Could the Talon be fitted with a cush or should I be looking for something off another bike? I'm hearing about options for a KLR or DR650 wheel working (with spacer mods, not sure if I could keep the stock rotor or not), but getting one of those in a 18" or going down to 17" sounds like bigger money or a loss in ride quality.

I've also noticed people saying LC4 wheels work for SM stuff, but that's the wrong wheel for what I'm looking to do. Not sure if their hubs can be fitted to a 2.15x18. I'd like to be able to put a few hundred slab miles on to get to a rally without wearing out the drivetrain and still keep up on the trails, but the cush issue is the #1 problem in making it more 50/50 friendly. I know about the Kush Sprockets as well but the verdict is out on their quality/value.

Any advice on making this work is greatly appreciated.
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