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Originally Posted by GhostRiderFC View Post
Interestingly, that reminds me of my first motorcycle trip into Louisiana. I was headed into NOLA on I-10 in mid-afternoon in July, and there were some VERY ominous, dark clouds ahead. As I was passing Slidell, I opted to pull over and get the rain gear on. At this time, there were several motorcycles whizzing by, all with virtually no gear, and all looking at me like I'm a moron. I get back on the road all zipped up tight, and within two miles, it's a torrential downpour. I mean, I haven't seen rain like that in many years. So, I slow down, get in a slower lane, but I'm dry on the inside and have Rain-X on the visor, so I push on. At the next overpass, there's a crush of bikes trying to find cover. Now who's a moron?!?

Now, there were a few times I was worried about hydroplaning, but it stayed pretty smooth, so I rode through it. By the time I got to NOLA, a mere ten miles away, it was all rained out. Good times!!

Hope you're having fun down there!!
i know exactly what its like right there, that was my last place i lived before i headed off in the spring this year...i give rainy seasons a big .

did you get that DS bike yet???
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