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Thanks for the replies, especially StephenB, they are appreciated. With such a simple ignition system I may go ahead and try it. If the stock module poops the bed I will just adapt something a bit more heavy duty in its place.

and disston I am very aware these are COP coils that is in fact why I wanted to use them. I remember seeing that somewhere? Oh it was in the first line of my post, RIF and all that.

But, with all (honestly) friendly sarcasam aside the reason there are problems with these coils and water in thier factory environment is because they sit down inside a hole that is not sealed. the water goes into the spark plug well and gets drawn up the boot through steam and capillary action. if left long enough it will even draw up iron oxide from the plug base making a nice path for the spark to follow to ground outside the cumbustion chamber. People should be more liberal with Dielectric grease when changing plugs it saves a lot of headaches.

I cannot tell you how many of these I changed (or had to dry out) over the years. And yes, I am aware they require a support bracket but I have an Idearrrrrrrr
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