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Originally Posted by gymply View Post
I just bought the SE Pro Super Tuner but have not installed it yet. What is your opinion of the Smart-Tune software? I know it won't be as good as a dyno tune, but do you think it is sufficent for a pipe and a/c upgrade? My bike is a '12 FLHR. I have a V&H Pro-Pipe on it now and have a SE Heavy Breather a/c that I plan to install with the tuner.
FWIW...when I installed the SEPST and downloaded the map for aftermarket exhaust and airfilter it did not run all that well during the first few SmartTune runs. This was a year ago and I don't remember everything but what I remember the most was that during hard acceleration beginning about 3500 rpm it literally felt like I was dragging an anchor...motor took forever to rev up to 5000 rpm. I inquired about this on the HTT site and was informed that was a function of the SmartTune feature......again don't remember the details but something about the way the ECM delivered fuel for data collection while in SmartTune mode I was told to run it a few more times in SmartTune and allow the software to "remap" after every run. Sure enough it got better and better with each download and run. I think I did about 5 or 6 runs.

The software instructions claim the VCI can store up to 15 minutes of ride time but I had several runs up to 40 minutes and have heard claims that it will store up to 45 minutes of data.

I never actully rode it with just the SEPST download map so I don't know how it might have run and the poor performance I got was due to running in the SmartTune mode.

I am absolutely certain that a dyno tune would give more performance and efficiency than the SmartTune as a dyno operator will not only adjust air fuel ratio but also spark advance, acceleration and deceleration mixtures at numerous throttle positions and rpm ranges. The only thing SmartTune changes is fuel air mixture. The software allows you to make changes in spark advance etc. if you want to but the concensus was "leave that to a professional dyno tuner". I din't make any of those changes, just a/f ratios.

In my opinion, the beauty of the SmartTune is that the engine tunve can be individually "refined" after a download to a state much closer to ideal than with something like a piggy-back style fuel controller that just adds fuel, without the need for an actual dyno tune.

If one was doing more than just mufflers and air-filter, say a cam and/or headwork I would strongly recommend an actual dyno tune over the SmartTune feature.
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