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Originally Posted by Bloodweiser View Post


Now all this talk has really got my head spinning.
3 things I'm mulling over now;

1. Adding a slipon with no other changes isn't going to melt my new motorcycle?

2. How the crap do you decide what tuner?

3. Someone mentioned their stage 1 cost 6 bills,
that seems awfully cheap. Is there an average $ here?
Maybe if I start wrapping my head around some numbers,
I can start to justify it to myself and the old lady.
Hopefully helpful...

#1 that is my understanding from what I've read and heard. If you only uncork one end it's not the end of the world but you also won't get much of anything from slip-ons without an air cleaner.

#2 I had a buddy (don't we all) who jumped through the hoops for me on his 2010 Ultra Limited. When it was time to do my 2011 I knew what he got and how it worked so I copied him after reading lots online and talking with Fuel Moto.

Price wise I spent more than twice the 6 bills example, probably something like 1450 but I really don't remember... I also spent 800 on a set of Ohlins for it so I'm not sure how good of an example I am if you're trying to save coin (totally worth it for Ohlins BTW). My 'Stage 1' was full exhaust, air cleaner and tuner, I installed it all which pretty much anyone could do on a HD if you own a vice grip and crecent wrench. I also don't feel the need to do anything else to it, I like it how it is.
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