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OK, so I just got back from the dealer and this is what I found:
- The bike was torn down to the point where the mufflers, cylinder heads, cylinders, pistons, left and right covers, and the clutch were all off.
- The pistons and cylinders both had slight scoring so it definitely could use a top end.
- The stator was still on but I could hear a loud clunk with each revolution of the crank. I'm not sure exactly how they determined it was bad but there is something going on there.
- The "bent crank" was supposedly on the clutch-side, but there was no visible run-out and no indicator to confirm anything.

We discussed the bike, and the gist of the conversation was that they would prefer that I source all the parts and deliver them, then they do the work. Of course the follow-up to that was - "but remember it's a really old bike and anything could go wrong..." It turns out the $2K figure was simply a swag to see if I was really interested in having them work on it. It wasn't based on specific parts or labor. Oh well, live and learn.

I told them to put it all back together and I'd be back to pick the bike up next week. The bottom line is they must have had over 60 bikes lined up for service and this didn't strike me as something they do often or were particularly excited about getting involved with.

So back to the house it goes. I'll take a look at it and sort it out even though I really don't have time to tear it apart unless I get a reprieve on the two projects ahead of it. Definitely too clean to sell and I can't bear to part it out. Might be time to have a discussion with my son.

BTW, thanks for all the advice. I think I was initially expecting feedback that basically said suck it up, that's what it costs. So thanks for the different perspectives, especially the idea that this may not be the right first-bike.

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